贵州快3形:Customer specially-designed machine

NTK-100MC Brand cutter

投彩是什么 ◎Cold cut
◎Max width:100mm
◎Max length:9999.9mm
◎Utilizing the highest quality sensors available it is able to detect
different color shades .
◎Material:Printed marking、ldeal for name tage、Label、

Heat shrinking film、Heat shrinkable tubing with mark

NTK-100F Flexible flat cable cutter

◎Cold cut
◎Max width:100mm
◎Max length:9999.9mm
◎This machine employs micro-computer digital controller and sensor for accurate positioning.
◎The machine can cut different tones of flat cable, bare copper and
gold plated special flat cable
(either reinforced or not)twice at the same point.
◎The cutting speed is fast ,
and the cutting loss is less.Operation is simple and easy.
◎Material:FFC、FPC、 Pole sheet of lithium battery、Pole sheet of capacitor

NTK-160D1 Micro computer cutting machine

◎Cold cut
◎Max width:160mm
◎Max length:9999.9mm
◎The machine has complete cutoff and kiss 
cut functions-(1)cutoff (2)kiss cut (3)several kiss cut plus one cutoff
◎Material:Tape、Bupple sponge、Double-sided tape、

Non-woven fabric、Non-woven cloth

NTK-160T 、TK-360T Cutting machine

◎This machine can be linked a press.

AFV-360X+TK360TX Cutting and feeding machine

◎This machine can be linked a press.